Propane Appliance Rebates

BIG Savings with Georgia Propane Rebates

Energy-efficient and clean propane is one of the best choices for your home! And modernizing with new propane appliances is easy and affordable–thanks to current rebates that could save you up to $300 on each purchase.

Through the Safe Appliance installation Rebate Program, which is managed by the Georgia Propane Education and Research Foundation, homeowners can offset the cost of installing new propane appliances with these rebates.


SAVE $300

When you purchase a propane furnace.

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Keeping your home warm more efficiently than electricity, a high-efficiency propane furnace offers all the warmth you need, even during the coldest days and nights. Propane furnaces last up to 50% longer than electric units.


SAVE $300

When you purchase a propane gas pack.

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Gas Packs

Gas pack is short for gas/electric packaged unit. As the name suggests it heats with gas and cools with electricity. By combining the two units into one, it takes up much less space. Gas packs offer a powerful and cost-effective way to heat and cool medium to large spaces and multiple rooms.

gas packs

SAVE $250

When you purchase a dual fuel heat pump with propane as one fuel.

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Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Also known as a dual fuel system. The propane furnace “backs up” the heat pump when temperatures get too cold. Overall the system is more energy-efficient, provides greater comfort and has a smaller carbon footprint.

dual fuel heat pumps

SAVE $200

When you purchase a propane tankless water heater.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters deliver a virtually endless supply of water. Their compact size saves roughly 12 square feet of floor space. These systems are on-demand, so they heat water only when it’s needed., which saves about $150 per year in energy costs on average. Plus, save an additional $100, when you purchase a Rinnai tankless water heater.

tankless water heaters

SAVE $200

When you purchase a propane storage tank water heater.

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Storage Tank Water Heaters

Energy Star–certified propane storage tank models feature modern and energy-saving features like electronic ignition (no wasteful pilot light) and top-notch insulation. Propane-powered tank water heaters are efficient and reliable.

storage tank water heaters

Don’t wait too long! Rebates are only available while funds last. A maximum of $500 in rebate funds are available per household or single location per year.

These rebates are waiting for you. Learn more by finding a propane dealer near you!