Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Enjoy an energy-efficient home with propane!

energy efficiencyEnergy efficiency is great for the planet and great for your wallet. Energy efficiency is what so many people who have propane in their homes love about it.

Propane appliances can reach efficiency ratings of 90% or higher. This means little energy (and energy dollars) is wasted during the combustion process.

When it comes to energy efficiency, propane can’t be beat, especially by electricity! Here’s how propane brings energy efficiency to your home both indoors and out:

Home heating

A propane furnace can heat air to about 130–140º Fahrenheit. That high a heating temperature means it can operate in shorter intervals than electric heat pumps, using less energy while keeping your home more comfortable. Electric heat pumps produce air that can feel cool to the touch, so you’re more likely to set the thermostat higher and thus use more energy to get your home warm. 

Water heating

About 20% of your home’s energy costs are from water heating. A propane-powered water heater can deliver that hot water at about half the cost of a comparable electric water heater.


A propane fireplace offers a lot of advantages compared with wood-burning fireplaces. They’re easy to use, as you have a fire with the push of a button. And you get more efficient heating, as it costs anywhere from 30 %–60% less to operate a gas fireplace per hour than a wood-burning fireplace, which loses much of its heat through the chimney. 

Pool heating

Georgia summers and pools go together. And you can enjoy your pool more often with a propane pool heater, which costs about half as much per BTU to operate as a comparable electric pool heater. Propane pool heaters also heat your water faster than electric pool heaters.

If you want energy efficiency, find a propane dealer near you to add propane appliances to your home!