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Propane for Commercial Lawn Mowers

Discover the advantages of propane lawn mowers for your business

lawn mowerLandscaping businesses, golf courses, schools and universities, property management companies and more use commercial mowers.

More and more companies that use commercial mowers are converting to propane-powered mowers.

Many propane dealers in the Propane Georgia network provide commercial propane lawn mower services, such as bulk delivery and cylinder exchange programs, where they deliver full cylinders and take the empty ones, as well as provide safety training to your employees.

Propane vs. gas lawn mowers

Propane saves you money over gasoline for your commercial lawn mowers in multiple ways.

The first way is lower fuel costs. Propane usually costs less per gallon than gasoline. You get even more savings because the government does not tax propane as with gasoline! You also save money because fuel theft is virtually eliminated.

With the dramatically reduced emissions propane offers, you create a safer environment for your workers.

Refueling a propane commercial mower is efficient, clean and safe. All your workers have to do is remove the empty tank and replace it with a full one, and they are back at work within minutes. And unlike gasoline, propane doesn’t have spills that cost time and money to clean up.

Propane’s clean-burning and higher octane rating than gasoline brings you money-saving benefits as well. Your mowers will need fewer oil changes and less maintenance. Your mowers will be in the shop less and out in the field more. They may last longer than gasoline-powered commercial mowers, meaning you’ll have to invest in new mowers less frequently.

There are also propane industry incentives available for converting your commercial mower fleet to propane. These incentives can save you thousands of dollars on something that will continue to save your business money for years to come.

Propane mowers offer environmental benefits

Propane gives off up to 60% fewer carbon emissions than gasoline. And in the rare event of a propane leak, propane does not harm plants, air, water, aquatic life or soil.

Gasoline? If that spills, it gets in the soil and eventually the groundwater. You may also be facing the expense of a cleanup as well as the lost time spent on it.

For landscapers, propane’s environmental friendliness presents them with an opportunity stand out with both current and potential customers who prioritize caring about the environment.

Contact a local dealer to learn more about how to add propane lawn mowers to your business!