Propane Furnaces

Enjoy comfortable warmth with outstanding energy efficiency!

furnacesWhen you’re home on a chilly day, you want your Georgia home to be warm and comfortable.

And when it comes to warmth and comfort, propane furnaces have electric furnaces beat by a mile!

A local propane dealer near you can not only install, maintain and repair a propane furnace in your home, but they can also provide reliable propane delivery so you know your home will always be safe, warm and comfortable.

What makes propane furnaces better than electric furnaces?

Propane furnaces produce much higher indoor air temperatures. Today’s high-efficiency propane furnaces produce enough thermal energy to heat your home without the need for any backup system, unlike electric heat pumps. If your electric heat pump needs to use its backup system to keep your home warm, your energy bills skyrocket.

But propane furnaces are best in their class in terms of efficiency. They have efficiency ratings from 90%–98%. Less than 10 % of the propane used for heating is lost to combustion.

Propane furnaces can be installed just about anywhere in the home and can also fit into tight spaces.

Technology makes today’s propane furnaces even more energy efficient. Most modern propane furnaces have electrical ignitions that activate the burners only when fuel is needed. You’re not wasting energy to heat your home when it doesn’t need heating. Electrical ignitions also replace standing pilot lights, making today’s propane furnaces even safer.

New propane furnaces use vent dampers in the flue to help lower your energy costs. When your home is heated to the desired temperature, the vent dampers close, keeping residual heat in to be circulated in the home rather than venting outdoors. The vent dampers open when you need more heat. That allows the fumes from combustion to safely vent out of your home. Because the burner in your furnace cannot ignite when the damper is closed, you’ll only be using propane when you need more heating.

Find a propane dealer near you to get the benefits of a propane furnace in your home!