For Your Business

For Your Business

Discover how propane can help your business grow and prosper!

for your businessIn today’s competitive business environment, you are looking for every advantage you can find.

When it comes to energy sources, propane gives you many advantages over other energy sources like electricity, gasoline, diesel and natural gas.

Many in Propane Georgia’s network of propane dealers provide industrial propane service to help you use propane to make your business more cost-efficient as well as grow your customer base.

How propane benefits your business

  • Propane doesn’t contaminate soil or water like gasoline or diesel and burns cleaner, as well. It helps market your business to potential customers who care about environmental friendliness.
  • Whether it’s bulk propane or propane autogas, the risk of fuel theft is minimal, protecting your bottom line.
  • Autogas makes your fleet of vehicles and equipment such as buses, vans, shuttles, forklifts, commercial mowers, and tractors more efficient and productive while reducing emissions so your workers are safer.
  • Autogas also transports more than 600,000 children to school every school day. Its clean-burning reduces wear on school buses, saving school districts thousands of dollars each year on maintenance and repair costs.
  • Many manufacturers of vehicles and equipment such as commercial mowers make quality models that can be run on autogas.
  • Today’s continuous-flow propane-powered crop dryers help your farm maximize its profits.
  • Propane generators keep your business going when the power is out, providing a safe environment and protecting critical technology like computers and servers.

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