Propane Vs. Alternative Energy

Propane vs. Other Fuels

Enjoy comfort with clean, green propane!

alternative energyMany of us want to help protect the environment. But we also want comfortable homes and affordable energy costs.

You can have all of that with propane!

Propane is a reliable, safe energy source that is also environmentally friendly. But you may wonder how things stack up when it comes to propane vs. other energy sources.

We’ve put together some comparisons for you.

Propane vs. solar

You’ve probably seen some neighbors adding solar panels to their roofs. It’s tempting: free electricity!

Not quite.

Before you get that “free” electricity, you have to shell out some big bucks. The average cost of installing solar panels is more than $23,000.

And while solar energy is more environmentally friendly than electricity, it has some of the same drawbacks of electricity, especially when you compare it with propane.

Propane heating systems are more efficient and provide faster and more comfortable heating than comparable electric systems.

Propane’s versatility and better performance with appliances such as ranges and clothes dryers give you more advantages than electricity, whether from a utility or solar.

Propane vs. geothermal

What is geothermal?

The roots of the word give the definition: geo (earth) and thermal (heat). Geothermal is heat from the earth. It draws thermal energy up from underground to provide heat for your home.

Geothermal heating (also known as a ground source heat pump) is popular among people committed to protecting the environment because geothermal energy is a renewable resource and has a low carbon footprint.

With geothermal, you get extremely low heating costs as well.

But there are disadvantages. For starters, a geothermal heating system costs dramatically more to install than a propane heating system. Installing a geothermal heating system can cost $30,000 or more because of the digging, burying ground loops and equipment installation involved. You won’t recoup your investment for around 15 years.

Propane gives you clean-burning home heating at a fraction of the cost of a geothermal system. You also don’t have to dig up your yard.

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