Propane: The Best
Fuel for Georgia


Discover All That Propane Can Do!

When it comes to versatility and efficiency, propane can’t be beat! It keeps your home warm, comfortable, and safe in all kinds of weather. Propane is also an efficient commercial fuel that helps all kinds of Georgia businesses grow and prosper.

Benefits of Propane

Propane is a clean-burning, energy efficient, environmentally friendly energy source that beats electricity in every way.

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Propane Safety

Know what to do if there is a flood or if you smell gas and check out informative videos on all kinds of propane safety topics.

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Propane for Businesses

Whether you’re looking for more powerful forklifts, clean burning autogas, or a reliable and eco-friendly fuel for your farm or lawn care business, propane can do that!

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Propane to Heat Your Water

Propane water heaters produce more than twice the hot water as electric water heaters, at 30% less cost!

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Your local Georgia propane company can help you not only choose the right propane appliances for your home, but they’ll help you get state and manufacturer’s rebates. You get energy efficiency, reliability, added value to your home, AND money back!


Propane for Your Home

Propane can do so much around your Georgia home, indoors and outside, and do it better than any other energy source!

You get more reliable, comfortable, cost-effective home heating with a propane furnace. Your meals are better with propane ranges, cooktops, ovens, and grills. You can enjoy a longer hot shower thanks to a propane water heater. Enjoy cozy comfort with a propane fireplace. Make your outdoors great with propane pool and spa heaters, firepits, deck and patio heaters, insect traps, and more! And you get all of this with propane appliances that are usually 40 – 60% less expensive to operate than comparable electric appliances


Propane Georgia: Helping protect our environment

Today, there is an important movement to reduce our carbon footprint and rely more on renewable fuel.

That’s good news for propane users in Georgia! Propane does not have the large carbon footprint that electricity does, as much of our electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. Propane is clean burning, producing 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity.

And the propane industry is making huge strides in environmental friendliness, moving towards renewable propane, which is made from animal oils, plant oils, biomass, and other triglycerides.

Check back often for up-to-date information on propane’s lower environmental impact and carbon footprint, other information on everything from equipment rebates to propane safety, and our timely, engaging blog posts.

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